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The Media

Mother & Baby Magazine, Mediacorp

December 2015 Issue

"These Sensory Play enthusiasts create workshops (and can even run activity stations at kids parties and events)  and sell cool, thoughtfully conceived toolkits that include water play beads and their own hand-made dough (which smells divine like essential oils, unlike commercial play dough).

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Tjin Lee, Dreamer, Entreprenuer, Traveler, Mama to Bubu and Jake - writes at TjinLee


Mommy Bloggers

"Oh my, my boys and I fell in love with Tickle Your Senses play dough. I can finally understand why my friends have been raving about it – the sand-coloured homemade play dough is non-toxic and taste-safe and was truly soft and lovely to mould. I also really appreciated that it did not stick to the table, the tools or our hands like most commercial play dough did.

My boys really went to town with the kit making roads, boulders, logs and stamping out construction vehicles. Such a nice hands-on activity – they could have sat there for hours I’m sure!

It is also very rare to find children’s workshops where all three of my boys (aged 6, 4 and 2) can enjoy alongside each other and be meaningfully occupied for the entire duration"

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Debra Li, Mommy Blogger at Olimomok

"All three boys ended up playing for over an hour with the dough, and made so many different funny creatures! The dough was soft and not flaky, so the cleaning up was minimal, especially since we used placemats. ... I think a fair bit of thought went into designing each kit, and I especially like the convenience of being able to order home-made playdough, and have it come with tools that you can keep for future sessions. We will definitely be ordering more playdough kits soon!"

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-- Justina, Mommy Blogger at Mum in the Making


"The playdough smells good, has a great texture, and doesn’t get hopelessly stuck on every possible surface. They add a drop of essential oil to engage your child’s sense of smell when playing with the dough but you can opt for unscented dough if you prefer. The playdough is made of plain flour, salt, water, cream of tartar, oil and food coloring and is taste-safe for little ones.

The playdough kits are available in a wide range of cutters from fruits and animals, to alphabets and numbers. You can also get accessories like extruders, scissors, rollers, and even a playdough mat to keep the mess under control."

The water beads kits from Tickle Your Senses are such a great alternative to outdoor water play. They are so calming, smooth, cool and squishy that I couldn’t resist grabbing some and just holding them in my hands as the kids scooped the water beads from one container to another and back again.

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-- Delphine, Mommy Blogger at Life in the Wee Hours

"I came across these adorable play dough Party Favours from Tickle your Senses, and knew they would be the perfect take home gifts for her little guests. Not only do they look appealing, but the play dough is of premium quality which is non-toxic and taste-safe.

I figured they would also be well-received by the handful of older kids, and suit both girls and boys. Perfect. #2 commented that they smelt so good (essential oils were added) and the texture was better than the commercial ones we had."

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-- Mommy Wee, Blogger at MommyWee


"So did the playdough crumble into little pieces easily? Nope. The texture of the playdough seems different from the commercial one’s, and there definitely wasn’t the weird, sickly-sweet smell. Noah had a lot of fun rolling the playdough, squishing it flat with his hands, and using the cutters to cut different vehicles out from the playdough."

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-- Adeline Tan, Blogger at Growing with the Tans


Hear what other parents, teachers and caregivers have to say about our sensory materials, tool kits and party favours!

“I’ve always disliked playdough, until I tried yours. The commercial kind is messy, crumbly and smells like chemicals so I seldom let my kids play with it. I love the elastic texture of your dough, how it tears and combines together, how it doesn't dry up, and the fact that its non-toxic and the colours don’t bleed. Thanks for helping me to love playdough as much as my kids do!”

-- Louisa, Stay-Home Mum of 5yo kindergartener and 2yo toddler


"What impressed me at once was the smooth texture of the doughs - non-sticky as I remember commercially-sold doughs to be. Pleasantly surprised too that they are odourless. As a mum, I feel assured that the doughs are not-toxic and safe as they are made with food-safe ingredients. For my kid, it was hours of joy poking, kneading, rolling, cutting out, learning and naming shapes, colours, letters and more. Definitely recommend this!!"

-- Diana Chan, Stay-Home Mum of 2.5yo Toddler and 9mo Baby

"My kids and I love the home-made playdough from Tickle Your Senses. They are smooth and pliable; and unlike the store-bought ones, are neither oily nor strong-smelling. I am pleasantly surprised that they have remained good for almost 2 months of daily play by my kids...will definitely continue to use and enjoy them!"

-- Angelyn, Stay-Home Mom of 2, 5 and 7 year old children


 "Little M loves playing with the waterbeads! She loves all play related to water actually, so she was thrilled with the beads I got her. She was happily occupied scooping them from one container to another with your sturdy scoops and sifts. It was so fun for her, can't wait to watch her reaction with we grow the beads together."

-- Sara Abd, Aunt of 2 year old child