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Life Cycle of A Sea Turtle

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Looking for lead-free & safety tested products to teach your children abt Life cycles of insects, creatures, amphibians & plants? Look no further than the realistic and detailed products of the Safariology® Life Cycles.

Here’s a Green Sea Turtle Life Cycle set for the ocean lovers. Bring these to the beach and bury them in the sand as you tell them the story of turtles’ birth and life. Or grab a box of Kinetic sand and create a small world play scene in the comforts of your home. 

One of nature’s most dangerous yet life giving journeys can be explored with the Green Sea Turtle Life Cycle Set. Look at their stages of life in close detail and teach about each stage in an engaging way.

Giving children manipulatives like these to squeeze, touch, and play with provides them with a tactile and sensory experience that makes the scientific concepts easier and more relatable. Try them today! 

Note: Grown Sea Turtle Figurine measures: 3.5” W (9cm) 

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