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One-Stop Christmas Gift List for BABIES!

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All around our streets are decked out in beautiful lights and ornaments and we cannot escape the cheery jingles that float through the speakers in the shopping malls. It is that time of the year again, where Christmas cheer fills the streets and we are left stressing about what to get for the little ones in our lives. Another toy? More clothes they will outgrow? If that’s you, fret not! Here at TYS, we have compiled a list of age-sorted gifts that we are sure to bring Christmas cheer!

Our first list is compiled specially for the littles who are going to be celebrating their first Christmas, our newborns to 18 months. This list of toys appeals to several of the 5 senses making them perfect in aiding their development whilst adding pops of colour and fun. Check them out!

1. Jellystone Ocean Stacking Cups

Newly brought in, our Ocean Stacking Cups come in 3 different colour combinations (Rainbow Bright, Rainbow Pastel, & Blue Grey). We love them and think they are perfect gift because it is one of those toys that grow up with your child. It’s flexible make make it perfect for grabbing and flexing of those small finger muscles. Additionally, it is a perfect addition for bath time. As they grow older, you can utilise it for sensory sand and water play and teach them about colour-matching!


2. Jellystone Christmas Teethers

Nothing screams festive more than themed-gifts and these Teethers from Jellystone are perfect for the holidays. With 4 adorable and bright-coloured designs, these Teethers will be difficult to pry from your little one’s hands. Made from non-toxic and BPA-free so rest assured that your little one is getting the very best! Psst, check out the textured back!

3. Lesok Rattlers

These wooden rattlers are unlike anything on the market! Lightweight and adorably painted, our Lesok rattlers are easy to grip and perfect to stimulate the sense of hearing in your little one. Best part, it’s suitable for use from birth. Ditch the onesie you have in your cart and check out this unique gift!

4. Dëna Neon Sun Stacker

The credentials on these stackers are sure to make even the toughest Asian parent proud. Made from platinum-based silicone, these are BPA, latex, phthalates & PVC free. If these terms make little sense, you just have to know it’s 100% safe for babies. Other than it being a beautiful shelf piece when not in use, these stackers quadruple as a teether, first chew toy, bath toy companion and stacker as they grow older and begin working their fine motor skills! How versatile is this? 

5. Jellystone Sensory Balls

These sensory balls need little to no introduction, often flying off our shelves after each restock. These balls are made of food-grade silicone and free from all the nasty chemicals. Its open frame make it easy for your little one to grip. This too is one of those toys that grow with your little one - In the first months, they are perfect for teething and soothing those sore gums. As they grow and develop, these become perfect for grasping, stretching, rolling, bouncing and squishing! We are sure one of the five colours would tickle your fancy!


None of these catch your eye, head over to our Baby Gifting section and check our other offerings! We hope this has been helpful, happy shopping! 

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